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Celebrating the wins, understanding the process...

  • Celebrating the wins, understanding the process...

    The Future of Carlton!

  • Celebrating the wins, understanding the process...

    Great Win!

After the weekend’s “RUSH” of winning, I just wanted to take a few deep breaths, take note of comments from all sources about Carlton’s win.  Today is Tuesday, and the fallout is still continuing, but not for Carlton, but for Essendon.  Last night we heard that Mark Neeld had “resigned” or as some have said, “pushed out”. Whatever the case may be, Carlton, a team that has been for the past few years, in the process of ensuring that what they get now, will be the stars for the future.  That there will be no more “knee-jerk” reactions from the Board or the Administrators in the bid to get to where we want to get to – back to the top and a force in the footy world.

Over the past few months, we have seen those that, due to Carlton’s losses, want just that, knee-jerk reactions. There were calls for the Board to resign, to sack Bolt and SOS and so on. Neeld departure at Essendon is the very thing that Carlton doesn’t and should need.  Questions have been raised about the atmosphere in the coaches’ box. Questions have been raised about the lack of tackles that Brendan Goddard has not laid in the past four matches; according to SEN, it was about four in the past four games. Questions have been raised about the legitimacy of Essendon getting Jake Stringer, and there were even suggestions last year that we make a play for him.  I don’t like him as a player or as a person. He is immature, selfish and the type of player that will not suit the atmosphere around Carlton.

Bolts, SOS and the rest of the team at Carlton have dramatically changed the atmosphere of the Carlton FC. They have become a club that is slowly becoming a club of choice.  It is a place whereby the young players are so confident of where they stand at the club, that they are signing long-term contracts, Paddy Dow being one of them (who will be a bloody great star of the game in the future).  Crippa has stated during his appearance  - On The Couch, that contract negotiations will be forthcoming and that he is loving what is happening at the club and for its future; and this from a player who is contracted until the end of next year. He is touted as being a future Captain of the club, he is a great role-model in the world of footy that has many selfish and egotistical players, Stringer and Goddard among them.

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The win, while one that has taken some time, is a step in the right direction for the club because it showed the future of the club and its direction with regard to the young players who are, in many cases, still very young.  We are on the right track and the win against an old rival showed this.  We must not and should not compare ourselves to other clubs because we have had so many stops and restarts that it is only now we are seeing the fruits of what consistency will do to a club.

We may lose more games than win this year, and we have to be realistic in this respect and if we win when we are not expected to, then the celebrations will be epic, but what we saw on Saturday was a glimpse of the future of the club. There will be more culling of peripheral players at the end of the year and the bringing in of rookies and other players who do not see themselves as anything more than a player willing to be part of a team.  We don’t want the Stringers of the footy world and we don’t want those players who just don’t put in the effort.

So, this is a warning to supporters: we may not win many more games this season, but the future of the club is in the hands of a group of talented, passionate players who play for the privilege of playing for the Carlton FC and in time, not long soon, we will be the talk of the footy world, just as we are this week, of how exciting we are. There should be no more talk of sackings, petitions asking for a change. We must not succumb to the disunity of what this will bring to the club.

I am enjoying celebrating the win this week and I really hope there will be more, but I won’t be disheartened if we lose, because I can see what the future holds for Carlton.


P.S. There were two highlights that I saw after the game, that were amazing: Daisy Thomas's reaction when the siren went and Bolts.

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