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Western Bulldogs Statement: Tom Boyd & Zaine Cordy

  • Western Bulldogs Statement: Tom Boyd & Zaine Cordy

The Western Bulldogs have released the following statement regarding Tom Boyd and Zaine Cordy.

The Western Bulldogs Football Club confirms that it has dealt with an incident in the last several weeks involving two of its players; Tom Boyd and Zaine Cordy.

The incident involved an altercation between Tom and Zaine, in which both players were affected by alcohol.

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The Club is strongly against any form of violent behaviour and is extremely disappointed in the actions of both players, particularly by the actions of Tom.

The Club has responded by invoking a range of sanctions and other measures:

- It has required Tom and Zaine to apologise and explain their conduct to their teammates and colleagues

- It has required Tom to undergo appropriate counselling

- It has suspended Tom and Zaine from AFL selection until the Club deems it appropriate for both to return

- It has imposed the maximum available fine of $5000 in respect of the relevant unacceptable aspects of Tom’s behaviour

Tom and Zaine have accepted these sanctions, and they have all been implemented.

Additionally, Tom has volunteered a significant personal contribution of time and money to a not for profit organisation focused on the prevention of social violence.

Tom and Zaine have committed to the Club that there will be no repetition of such behaviour and that they will atone to their teammates and the Club.

The Club accepts the sincerity of their remorse and commitment. We will continue to fully support both players.

The Club will have no further comment to make on the matter.

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