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Western Bulldogs Statement

  • Western Bulldogs Statement

The following statement is exclusive to the Western Bulldogs Football Club and can also be found on their website at

"The Western Bulldogs have reviewed the findings of the AFL investigation handed down yesterday in relation to the matter referred to it by the Club concerning the possible leaking of game-sensitive information.

As a Club we are troubled by certain aspects of the AFL investigation. However, our responsibility has been to ensure that our Club complied  with our fundamental values and obligations and we are satisfied that we have done so. We note the relevant finding of the AFL in relation to this point.  

We wish to acknowledge the advice and assistance of the Chair of our Ethics and Integrity Sub-Committee Graham Sherry throughout this matter. The Club consulted him at all relevant times and acted in accordance with his and other independent expert legal and ethical advice.

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We believe we have done what we were obliged to do on behalf of our Club, players and members and fans and we now intend to continue to concentrate on the upcoming season."

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